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Effective + Compassionate Care for Trauma, Anxiety, and Stress Reduction

Therapy and Consultation for Tennessee, Colorado, and PSYPACT states 

Does this sound familiar?

You experience a sense of dread and feel overwhelmed, an overall uneasiness that shows up when you're alone or at work. Maybe you try working harder, maybe exercising more, or doing more self-care. However, you can't quite shake it. Strategies that seemed to work before and in other places in your life, just aren't working now. For some, you've worked hard and achieved what you aimed for, yet still don't feel a sense of fulfillment or satisfaction. For others, the past keeps showing up in different ways, and keeps getting in your way. Happiness seems elusive, and just out of reach. You may wonder if some of this comes from experiences you've been trying to put behind you. However, these memories and struggles just won't let go of you despite your efforts to move forward.

You Can Take a Big Sigh of Relief, because the good news is that there is a way forward.

My focus is on delivering evidence-based mental health services, in a practical and relatable way, to help clients get unstuck and move forward. I provide treatment for trauma, anxietyPTSD, stress-reduction, and mood concerns that is focused and highly personalized. All interventions are based on research-backed methods that work. This allows you to know what we are doing and why, and by knowing, understand what took you off your course, and how to get back to it. Moving forward, with a greater sense of fulfillment, is more than possible when you have the insight, tools, and solutions you need to experience lasting change.

Dr. Michelle Jesop

About Dr. Jesop

Dr. Jesop works from a behavioral approach that is inherently collaborative. She aims to empower her clients with the knowledge of what emotions and thoughts are, and how they work, in service of helping clients have greater flexibility in responding to them. She relies heavily on the driving processes for change within CBT, ACT, and exposure therapies to ensure clients have a deeper understanding and acceptance of themselves and others. Dr. Jesop strives for clients to feel seen and heard.  Further, she works to provide the space for her clients' self-reflection to allow for greater clarity of who and what is uniquely meaningful for them. 



Stress Disorder & Trauma

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) identifies a specific and complex type of emotional and mental distress...

Why Work With Me?


I work with people just like you. Using treatments that have shown to be highly effective, paired with over two decades of experience specializing in trauma, anxiety, and mood related concerns, I tailor each session to target those obstacles that have been getting in your way of living a more fulfilling and meaningful life. I help my clients with a broad range of concerns including: work-related stress, relationship difficulties, depression, work-life balance, burnout, grief and loss, assertiveness difficulties, low self esteem, and traumatic life events.

Convenience & Discretion.

Engage in therapy from the comfort of your own home or office. I offer therapy and assessment services both online and in-person. On-line therapy is accessible within Tennessee, Colorado, and 37 additional states with PSYPACT. Along with my office's convenient location just south of Nashville in the Maryland Farms area of Brentwood, I offer automatic billing, HIPAA encrypted email and messaging, appointment reminders, and simple scheduling. For those needing greater privacy and discretion, my office offers side and back entrances and no check-in or waiting is necessary. 


After over two decades of seeing my clients' lives change for the better, it's hard for me to not be attached to good outcomes. Seeing my clients thrive is deeply meaningful for me. Doing work that shows real results really matters, and I am eager to share what I know with you. Inclusivity is also very important to me. That's why my practice is actively affirming and welcoming to individuals of all sexual orientations, gender identities, ethnicities, cultures, family structures, and religions.

Trauma Therapy Brentwood
Anxiety Therapy Brentwood

Getting Started

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