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Getting started therapy

What to Expect

First steps

Each client is scheduled with their own 90-minute intake assessment where we thoroughly and carefully get a clear idea of what is impacting you, what you have tried to do on your own to fix it, and understand how it came about.

The better and more precise the idea we have of what's going on, and why, the more accurate the intervention(s) will be.

knowing personal direction

Next Steps

Following the initial assessment, after we have a good idea of what has been getting in your way, we begin to develop your individualized plan. This planning works to clarify the who and what that is vitally important to you, and what you have been intending to create or build in your life. A little different than "goals", we work to identify the direction -so to speak -that you are yearning to go in, but may not know how.

With both information of what has been getting in your way, and where you've been trying go, we can start to route your course. Working together we can then identify your goals and help you reach them.

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