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Therapy for Veterans & First Responders

You served, you protected, you fought, and you fixed. Day in and day out, you carried a heavy burden. It was more than a job, you made a difference. It can be a lot to handle, and it definitely can take its toll. When you're used to carrying the world on your shoulders, asking for help from an outside source seems like the last thing you would ever want to do. 

The thought of seeking therapy is often looked at with judgement, or seen as being "weak". Coupled with stigma and shame possibly from your team and peers, there are often real barriers to seeking support to heal and recover. You're left with the perception that you have little recourse other than to walk through yet another difficult time alone. 

However, it does not have to be that way. Having worked with, served, and supported active duty service members, veterans, and their families at a regional army mental (behavioral) health clinic in Germany, I know and understand the different needs and demands that military and public safety cultures hold.

My training and experience with these high-stress and high-risk service roles specific to these communities, enables me to walk along side you and to help you better cope with difficult experiences such as: exposure to multiple traumatic events, post-traumatic stress disorder, stress-related fatigue, depression, substance misuse, anxiety, relationship complications, and systematic and organizational stress.  

Shouldering the burden alone definitely takes a toll. You've sacrificed more than enough and deserve the chance to prioritize your needs and your health. Reaching out for help is not easy, taking the first step can be the hardest of all. And yet, support, compassion, healing, and help can only happen if you do. 

Contact me today and get the support you deserve.

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