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Evidence-Based Therapy

Together we can help you overcome whatever issue you're currently facing.

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Research-based treatments tailored to your needs, preferences, & individual background.

No two people experience an issue in the same way.

Evidence-based treatment is the use of current research and the best available data to guide therapists' decisions, such that clients experience better outcomes. It focuses on approaches demonstrated to be effective through empirical research rather than through professional or personal experience alone.


Initially developed to adhere to strict protocols, evidence-based treatment and processes have since evolved to address a wider-range of concerns with greater flexibility and efficiency. With growing neurological understanding of what emotions are, and what leads to behavior change, the focus has more so shifted to understanding the mechanisms of psychological and emotional suffering. These underlying core mechanisms can now be linked to evidence-based procedures, such as mindfulness methods, cognitive defusion, exposure strategies, and behavioral activation. Unfortunately, many people are unaware that these types of treatments even exist.

Despite the numerous trials demonstrating the effectiveness of evidence-based processes in treating common disorders, many practitioners still rely on a kind of "dim-sum approach — a little of this, a little of that, much of it derived more from the therapist’s biases and training than from the latest research findings."  This results in spending longer periods of time in therapy, and thus, more money. Oftentimes, the goals people originally set are never ultimately reached.

However, evidence-based processes work. They save time, money, and energy that is needed to get back to living an intentional and meaningful life. I want to provide you with treatments that have shown results, that are up-to-date with the latest science, and that are empirically grounded in numerous studies. In other words, I intend for you to receive treatment that is sensitive to you, your time and your budget.

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